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Criminal Justice Accountability

Reimagine | Reveal

  • Work to create a fair and equitable justice system that holds law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges accountable.

  • Expose discrimination and biases and repeal policies that create unfair disparities that negatively impact communities.

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Mental Health & Substance
Abuse Crisis Response Support


  • Work to ensure access to mental health and substance abuse resources provided by qualified mental health professionals first.

Decriminalization of Poverty
& Homelessness


  • Explore and identify root causes of community crime and the impact of mass incarceration. 

  • Advocate for policies and legislation that removes punitive measures against people in under-resourced communities.

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Youth Advocacy


  • Support youth in advocacy for safe schools and communities.

Community Self-Determination
& Empowerment


  • Work with communities to inform and facilitate exploration of community control over education, policing, food security and other areas of concern.

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